Ephesians 6:18 — Paul’s four ‘alls’ of prayer

I am now at Ephesians 6:18: Paul’s four alls of prayer: all times; with all prayer; with all perseverance; for all of God’s people. The one that proved most difficult was ‘with all perseverance’, which I rendered as ‘with unflagging commitment’.
So my draft for Ephesians 6:18 is:
‘The other weapon to use in attack is prayer, but prayer is more than that: we are to put on each part of the armour with prayer. In spiritual warfare, prayer is absolutely vital. Grow in a vibrant relationship with God. Keep praying in the Spirit on every occasion, using every different kind of prayer and request. Turn to God in worship, praise and thanksgiving, confessing your sins to God and asking him for what you and others need. Allow the Holy Spirit to energise you and keep you fresh in prayer. May the Spirit guide and prompt you as you pray. Pray with faith. Pray when you feel like praying … and pray when you don’t feel like praying. Pray naturally. Pray by yourself; pray with others; pray out loud; pray silently. Become excited as you wait to see how God will answer your prayers. Come to know God more deeply through prayer, discerning and aligning yourselves more and more with his will. To do all this, remain alert. Don’t give up, but persevere in prayer with unflagging commitment, keeping in touch with God and praying for all of his people.’