Contemporary translations in Romans

Romans 1:17
This is because the gospel reveals the way we are put right with God. How does this happen? It’s all about trusting God from start to finish. This is what the Scripture confirms, ‘Those who are right with God by trusting him will live. They’ll live by trusting him through thick and thin.’

Romans 3:23
Every person who has ever walked this planet has sinned and disobeyed God. Each of us has rejected him and rebelled against him. Everyone falls short of the glory of God. None of us can live up to God’s best for us, his glorious standards. We all fail miserably to display his radiant majesty.

Romans 3:24
God puts us right with himself only because of the generous gift of his special love, kindness and favour that we don’t deserve in the slightest. The death of Christ Jesus was the price he paid to set us free from slavery to sin. Let me spell out what this means. We’ve been put right with God: we’re declared righteous in God’s sight!
We’re declared ‘not guilty’, acquitted of every accusation made against us. This is because Christ faithfully obeyed the law and his righteousness is credited to us.
We’re considered righteous before God. We’ve been rescued from God’s judgment. We do not dread condemnation. Our sins have been forgiven. We’ve been set free from slavery to sin, sin’s controlling power. Wow! Praise God!

Romans 4:2
Because if Abraham had been put right with God by obeying the works of the law, he would have had something to proudly boast about to people, but not in God’s presence, because as I’ve just written, all boasting is unthinkable, completely out of the question.

Romans 4:20
He did not waver in his faith by distrusting God’s promise but as he focused on God and what God had promised he became stronger in his faith – he took his trust in God to the next level as he praised and honoured God. He focused his whole life on God, overcoming any doubts as he applied his knowledge of God to his circumstances.