Introducing ‘Word Come Alive’

‘Word Come Alive’ is an expanded translation (paraphrase) of the New Testament of the Bible by respected editor Martin Manser. It supplies linking phrases and background information in italics within the text to help make its message more immediately understandable It aims to express the sense of the original in contemporary, natural English and to have a powerful effect on readers, with a fresh, incisive quality that will make readers sit up and think.

Who is ‘Word Come Alive’ for?

‘Word Come Alive’ is primarily for Christians who are so familiar with the language of the Bible that it has little or no impact on them, but who want to maintain a living relationship with Jesus Christ. I want such readers of the WCA to then go back to their NIV, ESV, NLT, KJV or NKJV to see what that says. Also I hope it will be useful to readers without a knowledge of the Bible but who want to understand its message.