Responses to ‘Word Come Alive’

I have greatly enjoyed reading your paraphrase of the NT. Congratulations on such an excellent job. I valued the expansion sentences you have included being in italics so that they could clearly show they were not strictly part of the original text.

It reads smoothly and provides a very true but accessible version of the text. The quality of English is … superb and the meaning of the passages picked up very well. I loved, just to give examples, your reference to Jesus telling the blind man, ‘You’ve seen him with your new eyes!’ (John 9:37). And words like ‘You scum!‘ (John 9:34) pick up the sharp reality of the text and overcome our suburban niceness in interpretation.

This should have a very useful ministry. I’d be keen for you to complete the project. I certainly hope you’ll labour with it and work away at it so that eventually you’ve successfully done the whole NT. It will be of great benefit to many. You have a superb skill in expanding the Scripture, just enough, so helpfully.”

Derek Tidball, former Principal, London School of Theology; Visiting Scholar, Spurgeon’s College, London

This expanded version draws out the meaning as well as accurately reflecting the text itself.  I like the idea of setting the text apart in the italic typestyle you use.”

Doug Connelly, pastor, author of LifeGuide Bible studies (IVP) and Joint Author, Christianity for Blockheads (Zondervan, 2009)

St John’s Gospel reads very well. I very much like the choice of adopting a naturalistic style. All power to you.”

Professor David Crystal, Honorary professor of linguistics, University of Bangor, Wales; broadcaster and author of many titles, including Begat: the King James Bible and the English Language (Oxford University Press, 2010)

This [is an] exciting and thoroughly helpful project … this great venture.”

Stuart Olyott, pastor, missionary and author

Your translation of the book of John is really clear and easy to understand. Your paraphrase has indeed helped the Bible to come alive!”

Ramon Rocha, Director of Publisher Development, Media Associates International

I think this version of John’s Gospel is excellent. I’m very comfortable with the interpretative approach that’s been taken in the italics, which really enhances readers’ understanding, while avoiding any discernible (inappropriate) cultural or theological bias. Well done!”

Steve Burnhope, Pastor of Aylesbury Vineyard Church and member of the Program Committee of Vineyard Scholars

Other comments

“This version … lifts the story up out of the archives and into the light of day.”

“Thank you for this. [Your paraphrase] was very tender in places, easy to read and moving.”

“[‘Word come alive’] is engaging … a truly fresh rendering of the text.”